About Us

Boss Luxury Services offers a vast range of luxury & designer products and services for men & woman who will accept nothing less than the best, We offer a variety of luxury apple products, luxury mobile phones, luxury laptops and so on, we can basically embellish any item with 24ct gold amnogst a multitude of bespoke services

 We have many years experience between us in turning the ordinary in to the extra ordinary!
Bossluxury  is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing luxury business's in the uk, dealing in 24ct Apple Ipod's Iphones, mobile phones custom pieces, custom, alloy wheels, laptops, individual items and much much more!

We are currently expanding our business in to other areas, such as luxury jewellery and designer goods including, luxury mens watches, luxury mens jewellery, luxury mens bags, clothing & accessories to compliment our line of current line of in house luxury prodycts

We also hope that buy the fall we will be offering luxury goods for all aspects of your life including sport and fitness, home entertainment, veichles & luxury customisation, home and office furnishings and lifestyle products! sign up to our newsletter to keep up to date!
We are also currently expanding the gold embellishing servives in to private items, vehicle parts, home furnishings, on site work & busineess or home visits, where one of out trained platers will visit your premises or required location and carry out the work  there and then! 
We have a team of 4 craftsman with over 15 years experience in the precious metals business offering the highest quality craftsmanship and unmatched service in the industry. We are currently expanding our services across europe and plan to have our products available in over 30 different outlets in 11 countrys in 2012