Bossluxury Affiliates


Affiliate marketing is easy! Its a simple and great way to earn hard cash!
To keep this brief you simply open an affiliate account with us, advertise our links and banners all over the internet ( websites, social network sites, forums, blogs, etc ) and receive 2.5%-30% of every sale a customer makes that you have sent us.

Simple as that.... you send us traffic/paying customers and well send you a cheque at the end of each month, some of our top affiliates literally earn thousands per month.

You don't need anything to open an affiliate account, just create an account at and the computer will generate the affiliate link you need to direct people to the site. You can then attach these links to and use our banners, images or pictures or you can create your own but they must be checked by us first.

A top affiliate has earned in excess of £36,000 in a month recently, and all they did was direct traffic from twitter, instagram Facebook, youtube and their blog to our website. Marketing and traffic are powerful tools.

.For any more information please contact us at

Click Here to open an account straight away, any one can, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

There are no requirements to open an acount, so the obect of being an affiliate is to simply send us as much traffic as possible, of those customers the ones that spend money you will recieve up to 35% comission. We will pay you via cheque or bank transfer at the end of each month.